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Utility Pouch Type 1 by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK

£14.95 GBP

The Utility Pouch Type 1 is our smallest, simplest, belt mountable pouch. 

Storage consists of a single compartment secured with generously sized hook and loop panels. On the reverse you will find a single centralised belt loop which has been box stitched for maximum security.

The deceptive, brutal minimalism of the design means the UTP1 is non invasive and lends itself to a wide variety of platforms, environments and uses. It can be carried on a belt around your waist or it can be attached to backpack straps or webbing for additional, conveniently placed storage.

With our leanings towards the outdoors and travel, the UTP1 was indeed designed to hold small essential, life saving items close to the body such as compasses, small gps devices, fire kits, small tools etc. It will also do well as storage for every day carry items such as pens/pencils, cards, small notebooks, cash, the smallest mobile phones/cameras/players, medication, folded documents etc.

The UTP1 is made from genuine Cordura meaning it is built to last and is highly water repellent. Whatever you choose to place inside will be safe.

Proudly made by hand in the UK by C.A.P.E.


11cm by 11.8cm (4.3inch by 4.6inch) approx

Will comfortably accomodate items no larger than 9cm by 2.5cm (3.5inch by 0.9inch)


Cordura 1000 D

Genuine Italian leather


Black or Signal Orange