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Ultra Light Bushcraft Kit

£65.00 GBP

We wanted to create an ultra light, minimalist bush craft kit that was reliable and easy to use to created the "Ultra Light Bushcraft Kit".

Apart from knowledge and ingenuity, this kit potentially contains everything a person needs to survive in the outdoors. This kit covers the main aspects of outdoor living and survival : shelter, water, fire, signalling, navigation, food and more...


1) Allphabushcraft ULBP1 - A cotton tote bag to carry and keep the kit in. Features a reliable draw string closure and rope shoulder straps. 

2) Mora Companion - A capable and reliable knife made for bushcraft.

3) Highlander Saw - Safety locking saw ideal for gathering firewood and building materials for shelter, tool and furniture making.

4) Survival Compass - Never be lost

5) Howler Whistle - Th original and still the best!

6) Emergency blanket - Keep warm if your shelter is lacking - reflects 95% of body heat and will keep you dry.

7) Signal Mirror - Visible to rescuers from miles away. Also good for removing dirt from your eye etc.

8) Chemical Light Sticks - Reliable emergency lighting solution x 3.

9) Fire Tool - Our very own custom design firesteel with custom carbide striker.

10) Tinder Card - Quality tinder for for lighting. Fluff it up and light with sparks from the FireTool.

11) 550 Paracord - Genuine, premium 550 paracord with 7 inner strands. Top quality cordage.

12) Stainless Cooking Pot - Made famous by Ray Mears, these durable Zebra pots are practically indestructable.

13) Stainless Spork - You don't want to eat with dirty hands whilst out in the bush so use this spork instead. Spoon knife and for k in one!

14) Miltary Water Bottle - Solid, dependable water bottle.

15) Water Purification Tablets