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Ulpa Thermoregulator Hood by Akammak

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The Ulpa is made from Akammak's custom ColdWinner® textile and is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities.

With a combed microfiber layer and an outer highly breathable layer, ColdWinner offers great warmth and comfort whilst allowing maximum wicking ability. This makes it ideal for use a baselayer.

Clever stitching and seam placement reduce friction hotspots meaning the Ulpa remains comfortable over prolonged use. This philosophy has been applied to all Akammak products making them the natural choice for athletes and adventurers alike.

You can also expect high quality construction throughout which is why Akammak offers a lifetime warranty on all its products, against manufacturer defects. They put their money where there mouth is.


Colour - Black with Orange highlight
Flat seams to prevent chafing
Very comfortable against the skin
Double weave stretch Lycra® for excellent elastic memory
Hard wearing with quality materials and construction
Easy maintenance, wash on 40oC