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SUNCASE - Solar Lighter

£9.95 GBP

A clever way to use the sun's rays.

The SUNCASE is a compact, light weight, fire ignition tool that uses the sun's rays to light tinder/tobacco/incense/wood and paper.

To use, insert flammable material into the holder, unfold the device. Point it towards the sun and focus rays on material. Dry materials will ignite in seconds. Will even work with low cloud cover.

The device also works as lighter holder (mini Bic lighter not included), so you can make fire, day or night.

Suncase : Amaze friends and family with a solar lighter !

Your first experience of the solar energy which holds in the pocket.











It lights every type of material in a few seconds only (straw, twig, wood, coal, tobacco, dark paper, cardboard): waterproof, windproof and ultralight

Suncase is the new solar tool to be carried everywhere with you!

His parabolic mirrors allow to concentrate sunlight to light everything.

It fits in your pocket and can be used as a lighter case.

The SUNCASE is the 1st solar lighter which offers a bi-energy experience: solar and gas energies. It is efficient 24 hours a day in all weather conditions and It is compatible with lighters BICmini(c)J25. 

The SUNCASE is a patented French innovation.. His slender and ergonomic form confers an excellent handling. Ultra compact object due to its design and retractable wings. 

The SUNCASE uses a free, not polluting and available energy everywhere. Its solar function replace the gas so you can reduce the impact on the environment.