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Solar Cooker - Sungood

£69.95 GBP

Simply put, this compact, light weight, portable, solar cooker allows you to cook anywhere the sun shines. Remove the cooker from the provided storage bag, unfold, put your pot or saucepan of food in the middle, face towards the sun. Heats up the food to 150oC.

Here is what the manufacturer says about the product:

Here is the ideal product to discover solar cooking!
Using the solar cooker, cook wherever you want: city, camping, beach, forest, balcony or in the garden. Flameless and smoke-free, it is allowed everywhere: it uses only the power of the sun, a free and ecological energy.
Enjoy the sun and cook without supervision: vegetable, rice, fish, meat, marmelade, bread ...


With its 2 positions, this cooker heats from 80 ° C to 150 ° C, whatever the outdoor temperature, winter like summer. Its natural cooking respects the flavor of food.
Its assembly is simple, without tools and fast: 1mn! Compact and lightweight, 950 g, it slips into a bag and goes everywhere.

With the SUNGOOD, it’s Simple !

1°/ Open it.
2°/ Lay your dish in the center, on the pot holder.
3°/ Orientate the SUNGOOD to have it facing the sun.
The cooking is immediate and doesn’t require any supervision.
It's without smoke, nor flame, nor gas, nor electricity… Solar power is magical and eternal.

How does it work ?

The rays of the sun are reflected on the SUNGOOD mirrors and are concentrated on your dish, the heat progressively increases and warms your meal. The progressive rise of the temperature allows a soft and healthy cooking without supervision. It’s magical, it’s easy, its healthy, it’s 100% natural.

The chief's advice :

A little trick to improve the performance of your solar cooker :

  • Use a black dish, or any other dark color. Do NOT use white or reflective steel, it would be counterproductive. 

Advantages and specificities :

  • Solar cooking from 80 to 150°C (176 to 248°F) without supervision
  • Delivered with a carrying bag 100% cotton
  • Capacity : 2-4 persons
  • Entertaining
  • Easy maintenance using only a wet cloth

Technical data :

  • Weight : 900g (2 lbs) / Package weight : 1kg (2,20 lbs).
  • Materials : Polypropylene, adhesive mirror film S-ReflecT 175 μ, cotton bags.
  • Dimensions of the package : 38 x 28 x 6 cm
  • Dimensions once fully assembled : 90 x 58 x 25 cm
  • Made under the french sun.
  • REF : SG.
  • Guarantee : 12 months.