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Ru-Marker Cog Bead

£16.95 GBP

These mini Cog bead markers are the brainchild of British knife and tool maker Ru of RTKnives.They are the answer to the question "how can I keep track of my gear in the dark?".

Due to their highly compact nature, they add negligable weight and bulk, whilst performing their function admirably. They are perfect for marking keyring, keychains, lanyards, paracord work, flashlights, containers, tools, zippers e.t.c.

Each bead is individually hand hand made from genuine Kirinite Starlight glow in the dark resin. Once charged in daylight or torch light, the bead will continue to glow all night until morning, allowing you to effectively locate your gear. The beads are cut, shaped, drilled and then riveted with a 5mm eyelet rivet, adding durability to the design. They are the ultimate in gear cool and function.

The Cog beads are made in small batches as they are a hand made product.


7mm thick Kirinite Starlight GITD