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Ralph Martindale Golok Machete

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The genuine "Crocodile" blade is made from hot rolled high quality British Steel by the Ralph Martindale mill. The strip is tapered in section to optimise the unique cutting characteristics with the weight of the tool and is therefore lightweight and easy to use. The blade is roll forged to give an outstandingly well balanced tool to meet the arduous demands of outdoor use.

All Martindale handles are made from German beech wood. They monitor the moisture content of the timber to make sure the product is consistent and does not split under normal circumstances. The timber is cross-sawn for maximum strength and stability and the handle is fitted to the blade with solid steel rivets and washers. It is supplied with a canvas and leather sheath and a file sharpener.

This has been a staple tool for the British Army for over 30 years.

Blade Material Laminated Carbon Steel

Handle Material Beech Wood

Blade Length 330mm/13"

Handle Length 135mm/5.6"