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Pocket Pill Case Capsule by CAPE Solutions

£25.00 GBP

Another one off unique, handmade item from C.A.P.E. Solutions UK.

A tough, water tight pill container for a pocket or bag.

Machined from a single piece of genuine Delrin stock for extra durability. Features a threaded,  o-ring sealed lid for maximum security. Each one of our containers is uniquely sized and shaped and is therefore a one off.

The lid features an in-laid ultra bright glow in the dark plug which can be used to locate the capsule, as well as examine things in close proximity, in the dark. Simply charge the special resin in daylight or using a bright torch, for 1 minute. Will glow up to 24 hours!

Made by hand the old fashioned way, no ncn.

Ideal for storing medication, a single AAA battery, notes, micro sd cards, sim cards, matches etc.


60mm x 20mm