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Pilot's Survival Tool

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Pilot's Survival Tool by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK.

A small, custom designed and manufactured duct tape holder with over 6 ft of high quality, "Duck" brand duct tape. The ultimate do it all, fix everything solution to those unexpected problems. Use it for tent/clothing/shelter/tool/vehicle repair and so much more.

The tool had been designed for easy transport and carry as it so slim and small. It also features a 4mm hanging loop for attatchment to paracord,bags,belts, clothing, keys etc. Ideal for survival kits, edc's, vehicles and more. Once spent, simply refill with a tape or cordage of your choice, the design of the tool helps you line everything up neatly. Pretty much perfect.

Features removable AlphaBushcraft label.

Dimensions = 70mm X 70mm X 7mm
Weight = 18grams

Designed and manufactured to order, in the UK.

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