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Upgraded P1 Survival Fire System by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK

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P1 Survival Fire System

The original unique stripped down, premium quality fire lighting kit.

Designed to work in all conditions and environments, this minimalist fire lighting system can save your life. Don't suffer weak imitations. Each unit is created and assembled by hand in the UK.

Suitable for igniting a huge range of materials including wood, grasses, natural fibers, man made fibers, petrol, alcohol, gas (stoves), hexamine, trioxane and more. The kit is entirely waterproof and very robust so can be relied upon to work when you need it to.


1) Premium, military grade, genuine Swedish firesteel (made in the EU to the highest quality control standards). A large ferrocerium rod which is rated for 12,000 strikes. Waterproof and reliable ignition source.

2) Super alloy striker. Featuring an ergonomic handle and lanyard hole, this striker is ideal for smooth spark production. Also works as a scraper for the included magnesium tinder rod.

3) Magnesium tinder rod. A waterproof tinder that produces flames up to 3000oC. Hot enough to get even stubborn tinder going. Simply scrape a small pile of shaving with the alloy striker and ignite with sparks from the ferrocerium rod. Enough tinder for hundreds of fires.

4) Kevlar cord lanyard. A super high strength cord to keep all the contents together, making it more difficult to lose. The lanyard can be used to tether the kit to a belt, strap, M.O.L.L.E., bag e.t.c. Keep your P1 safe and close to hand at all times.

5) High quality Mylar display bag. The tough bag keeps your kit dry and safe and is re seal-able via the zip-lock design. It can also be used to store additional acquired tinder.


Weight - 52 grams
Dimensions -9cm x 3cm x 4cm