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Micro GlowBar by C.A.P.E.

£8.95 GBP

What is it?

The GlowBar is a recheargeable light source and marker, in the convenient form of keyring. It is available in three sizes, depending on your requirements. This is the smallest "Micro" version. Our GlowBars are made from the brightest glow in the dark resin on the market. No other glow resin is brighter!

What can it do?

With a 1 minute charge in direct sunlight or torchlight (at least 200 lumens), the GlowBar will emit light for at least 24 hours.

How bright does it glow?

For approximately 5 minutes after charging it is extremely bright, then, for the next 4 hours it remains bright at a fairly constant level. Then it will begin to get gradually dimmer for the next 20 hour.

How useful is the light it produces?

In real terms, this is not a flashlight BUT in zero light conditions, where the user's eyes have fully adjusted to the darkness (i.e. acquired night vision), the light produced is usable. For example, in a tent or bivi at night, you will be able to find your flashlight or the zippers of your tent/bivi door. You will be able to perform up close tasks such as making notes, reading a map and compass, preparing a fire bundle or making a drink.

Other uses

Also great for marking items of equipment, doors, switches and more!

A great way to extend the battery life of your torches and flashlight!

Ideal emergency light source. 1 minute charge = 24 hours of light!

Shows up extremely well on infrared.

25+ Year shelf Life.



4mm lanyard hole