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Klarus MiX6 Titanium AAA Flahlight

£46.95 GBP

Being made from Titanium, the Mi X6 is lightweight and tough. It features a precision machined brushed Titanium body, integrated lanyard loop and a twist-to-operate head. The head has been designed to assist grip during mode changes and it uses a powerful XP-G R5 LED, which outputs a max 85 ANSI lumens and 4 modes (including a strobe).Waterproof to 2 metres (IPX8).

  • Turn Power On/ Off
    Tighten the torch head by twisting to switch on. Loosen the head to switch off.
  • Switch Modes
    When the torch is on, further loosen and tighten the head multiple times to cycle through the 4 modes (Med-Low-High-Strobe).
Output & Runtimes

Based on 1x AAA battery:

  1. Medium Mode: 26 Lumens (5.7 hrs)
  2. Low Mode: 3 Lumens (66 hrs)
  3. High Mode: 85 Lumens (70 mins)
  4. Strobe Mode: 85 Lumens (2.3 hrs)

High quality Titanium construction.
Cree LED
71.6mm by 12.7mm
weight 12 grams