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CR123 Delrin Battery Cage

£21.95 GBP

Keep your CR123 battery or other small items in perfect condition.

The battery locker fits CR123 batteries perfectly and is completely waterproof. Brand new, never used overrun from government contract. Possible uses include: geo-caching, pet identification, emergency cash stash, water purification tablets, pill storage.

Delrin is a lightweight, extremely stable space age polymer.

•Overall length: 47.50 mm or 1.87"

•External diameter: 21.10 mm or .83"

•Internal opening: 16.80 mm or .66"

•Internal depth: 33.30 mm or 1.30"

•Weight 10.20 grams

•Lid is secured via flange to cap seal internal o-ring)

•U.S. Made / U.S. Issue Item