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CAPE Pocket Organiser Pouch Type 1- Signal Orange

£10.95 GBP

This pocket organiser was designed with every day carry (EDC) in mind. The minimalistic, slimline design makes it ideal for pocket carry as it keeps bulk down.

The PO1 (Pocket Organiser Type 1) is a versatile platform for a multitude of pocket sized items and tools including: pens, flashlights, knives, multitools, ferro rods, containers, batteries and more.

Each pocket organiser is entirely made by hand in the UK and is constructed from high grade materials including genuine leather. High build quality means a product that can stand up to the rigours of long term, daily use.

The PO1 consists of two seperate storage sections; a shorter, front section that can accomodate wider/thicker items. A longer back section that can acommodate longer/thinner items. Unique product and design.

Please watch our video review for a closer look.

Dimensions 5.5cm by 10cm.