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CAPE Micro-Ton Fire Tool MK II

£24.95 GBP

We wanted to create a compact, light-weight yet durable fire starting device that could be relied upon to do the job. We came up with the original design about 4 years ago but realised there were some improvements that could be made. We are now proud to introduce the C.A.P.E. Micro Ton Fire Tool Mark 2.

This tool is ideal for lighting campfires, camping stoves, home stoves, hearth fires, hand warmers, make shift torches, signal fires and even your favourite cigar!

The Micro Ton will not be affected by temperature or if it gets wet (see below). It will work when you need a fire!

Keep one in you vehicle, on your keychain/keyring, in your BUGOUT bag, fishing kit, survival kit, EDC kit or anywhere else you can fit one. 


- More ergonomic handle making it easier to store and use

- Supplied with improved, premium carbide striker/scraper

- Improved plastics with better impact and UV resistance

- Uniquely, the handle now features a powerful glow in the dark element

To Use

Scrape the protective coating from the ferrocerium rod (aka firesteel), using the provided striker/scraper. Scrape the rod with moderate force to produce sparks. Direct sparks at tinder. If the tinder is damp or not an ideal material and is not lighting within 3 or 4 strikes, scrape a small, coin sized pile of shavings from the mangesium rod, on top of your proposed tinder material. Ignite the shavings into a 3000oC blaze which should ignite even stubborn material.

Ideal Use

This product should work perfectly in most environments apart from salt water. As the rods are exposed, salt water will cause rapid erosion of the rods (as with any ferrocerium rod). In such an environment, the unit would need to be sealed/protected against salt water exposure. All other environments will be fine and continuous exposure to rain/freshwater will not be a problem.