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CAPE Micro Survival Fire Lighting Kit

£16.00 GBP

A micro fire lighting kit that can get the job done - that's what we wanted to and have now created!

As with all our kits and products, we have sourced the absolute finest components to guarantee a flame in the worst conditions. After all, that's what an emergency fire lighting kit is all about.

We aimed to create a truly tiny kit that can be stored in any pocket so is unobtrusive and convenient to carry at all times. Even in that weird tiny pocket in your jeans. The entire kit weighs in at a mere 32 grams so you will barely notice it is there, until you need it. We could have made this kit smaller but that would have reduced the window of oportunity for succesful ignition. This was the ideal size which afforded sufficient redundancy.

Although the kit is not classed as waterproof, all the contents are. If you fall into a river, the kit should still work on the other side! If not, please write to us and let us know. Other than that, rain will not be an issue but the firesteel will rust if exposed to saltwater. If you are concerned, please store it on a waterproof bag/container.


1) If it's dark, snap one of the included light sticks so you can see what you are doing. If not, got to 2).

2) Use ceramic striker to scrape and cut one of the three pieces of tinder, so that the fine fibers are exposed.

3) Without using too much pressure (the striker can break but will still be usable), draw the striker across the firesteel, directing the sparks at the exposed fibers of the selected tinder. The firesteel has a protective coating which needs to be gently scraped off before use.

Note : If you prepare your fuel well, there should be enough tinder for at least 4 fires or 2 if the conditions are stubborn. The firsteel is rated for 3000 strikes.


1 x Premium European made ferrocerium bar
1 x Multipurpose ceramic striker
2 x Fire Plug Tinders
1 x Fire Strip Roll section
2 x NATO mini light sticks
2 x Cyflect Glow in the dark & reflect panels (like cats eyes in the road)
1 x Slide top lid