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Kuori Thermoregulator Top by Akammak

£69.95 GBP

A long sleeved, high necked top, providing plenty of warmth, comfort and wicking ability, that is the essence of the Kuori top.

The Kuori is the ultimate baselayer for a wide range of cold weather activities. It is made from Akammak's patented ColdWinner material which was specifically designed to regulate body temperature, wick away moisture, be very durable and extremely comfortable. These are all properties that you want in a baselayer!

During periods of heavier exertion, the Kuori works great as a stand alone garment and you will definetely appreciate the way it keeps you feeling just right. As with all Akammak products, the Kuori is well tailored and cut to fit the body well. It is designed to be completely unrestrictive to movement whilst keeping out droughts, allowing your muscles to keep working at the right temperature.

Ideal for : cycling, sailing, horseback riding, moto and more.

Features :

  • neck flange seam shifted to reduce the risk of irritation and neck for comfort
  • lower back extended to protect the kidneys in leaning position
  • no seam on top of the shoulders to avoid friction with the backpacks and straps
  • double weave stretch Lycra ™ for great freedom of movement and an elastic memory.
  • inside wadded avoiding irritations

Easy maintenance machine 40 ° C, drying very fast.

Weight: 350 g for size M.