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Universal Glow Marker by Maratac

£14.95 GBP

These Compact 1.95”x 1/4”  Universal Glow Markers (UGM’s) are simply Glow In The Dark Epoxy Resin Bars and are perfect for marking all your gear making it easy to find in the dark. These are a super bright, long lasting, reusable glow stick that does not wear out. They do not use batteries, bulbs or electricity. 

They recharge quickly by absorbing light from any light source. The brighter the light source, the brighter they glow. 

Their original use was as emergency markers, marking survival equipment onboard submarines.  The Navy required them to be “non-powered, rugged, re-usable, and non-nuclear”. We use them everywhere including hanging them from the inside door knobs at hotels to help us find our way out.

Finding and tagging your gear out of a dark cargo hold has never been easier.

Add the UGM to your Keys, Backpack, Door Knob, Gas Valve, TV Remote, BOB, SHTF Bag, First Aid Kit. ETC

Each UGM is hand finished

Note : Qty 1 comes with each


- 100 % USA Made - Including SS Ball Chain

- 1.95”x 1/4”

- .33 Ounces

- The brighter the light source = quicker charge time

- Upto 24 hours of after glow ( Quick charge your UGM with a flashlight )