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Jervenbag Original Poncho (Mountain Camouflage)

£129.95 GBP

Bivi, poncho, wind break, tarp, stretcher, wind sail, emergency shelter, bucket? Yes!

This great bit of kit that has many similarities with a bothy bag and like a bothy bag, it could definitely save your life in inclement weather.

It is a piece of watertight material, with zippers around the edges. Aluminium coated on one side, camouflage colored on the other. A large poncho, large enough to be used as a wind sack - for sitting in it. That’s the way it all started, and The Jerven bag Original has been, and will remain unchanged! To put it in another way; the wheel cannot get to be more round.
This is the bag for the game hunter, the fisherman, the hiker and those who are spending time outdoors.

An excellent multi use, must have item!

Supplied with belt mountable storage pouch, arm coverings or "armies" as they are referred to by Jerven and a hi viz orange retro reflective signal flag.

Weight: 650 gram

Dimensions 143x143 cm.