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Jervenbag Thermo Hunter (Mountain Camouflage)

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The best way to think of a Jerven, is as an extremely versatile poncho.

It can be used to keep you and your bags dry and warm, whilst stationary or on the move. It can be used as a bivi shelter and sleeping bag combined, as it is lined with Primaloft insulation and the outer shell is water tight. A sleeping mat should be used inside the bag if lying directly on the ground (as with any bivi).

When fully unzipped, the Jerven can be used as a tarp or heat reflector.

This really is a versatile, useful and potentially life saving piece of kit.

Here is the manufacturer's description:

This has become the super bag for the hunter on watch – And that’s not without a reason.
Being able to stretch one's legs when the hours get long is worth its weight in gold.
Measurements as a wind sack are 2.2 x 1 meters. Two-way separable zippers offer a lot of options. Moreover, it’s light. Only 1500 grams (3.3 lbs). When you are sitting like in this picture, the heat flows upwards and keeps both face and hands warm.

While in the woods it’s not advisable to make the least of sound when the firing moment is getting closer. Here you may bring out the gun (which has been placed under the flap, due to rain) without pulling the zipper – as that sound may be sufficient.…..

This, Thermo Hunter version features an additional "thermo" layer on the inside of the bag, as compared to the Jervenbag original. This performs the dual functions of minimising condensation and providing even greater insulative protection.

The Thermo Hunter Jerven Bag includes:

The Thermo Hunter Jerven Bag, 204 x 220 cm open, 102 x 220 cm when zipped shut.

Warm 60 g/m2 PrimaLoft lining.

Weight 1500 g.

A compression bag, a great, simple designed, fold and roll the mouth and secure and compress it with two adjustable straps.

A pair of sleeves made from the same material as the Jervenbag itself.

A 150 cm long belt, to secure the Jerven Bag around your waist when wearing like a poncho.

A rescue flag, 50 x 50 cm which is bright orange and features reflective elements.

An excellent user guide