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CAPE Pocket Survival Kit Type 1

£32.95 GBP

A compact and durable pocket survival kit.

Designed for woodland and low alpine environments. Contains many essential items for survival. We have sourced the highest quality products for optimal performance when needed. Very compact so easy to carry in a pocket or backpack. Great as a backup to your main kit. Items included will help with the following: fire making, shelter building, water procurement, first aid, food, signalling, navigation and more.

Included in this comprehensive kit:
1)Glow in the dark patch

2)SOLAS reflective patch

3)Metal water resistant storage tin

4)Mini flashlight

5)Spyderco Folding Knife

6)High grade firesteel & striker

7)Magnesium tinder

8)Tinder cards x3

9)Esbit fuel

10)Potasium Permangenate

11)Plasters x2

12)Surgical Scalpel

13)Waterproof paper


15)Micro Compass

16)Mini light sticks

17)Hi Viz rubber band

18)Safety pins x2

19)Sewing needle

20)Braided Technora 200 Cord 7foot

21) Duct Tape

22) Howler Whistle