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Ganzo G104S Multi-Tool

£12.95 GBP

For those who appreciate the small but truly functional tools, the best solution would be a folding Multi-Tool Ganzo G104S. This model has 11 tools so we can speak about its high efficiency. Every tool is made of 440C stainless steel which is corrosion resistant. Thus, the Multi-Tool is not afraid of increased humidity.

Safe use is an important criterion for choosing a multi tool. The handle features jimping to keep the Multi-Tool from slipping, even with wet or oily hands.

The owners of Ganzo G104S Multi-Tool receive:

  • Knife for opening cans, bottle opener;
  • Awl, file;
  • Screw-drivers (cross and 2 flat);
  • Blades (one with straight sharpening, the second one with serrated edge);
  • Pliers (spring loaded, with wire cutters);
  • Slot for use with electrical insulating materials.


  • Minimal weight (126.2 grams) and compactness;
  • Multi-Tool could be used as a key-holder;
  • Convenient and practical cover for keeping.