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Woodland Survival Kit Mark III

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We have cherry picked and sourced 16 extremely high quality essential survival items to form this kit. The kit is tailored towards woodland and heathland environments but will be of use in most others.

As with all our kits, each item has been selected for maximum function and durability, with minimal fuss and maintenance, to form a reliable and usable product.

The kit consists of the following items:

1) Opinel No8 Carbonne - High quality, very sharp and safe to use locking knife. When closed, the spine makes a great fire steel scraper.

2) Fireball Firesteel and Striker - Mil Spec, high quality firesteel. Rated for up to 12,000 strikes. Produces a great shower of sparks. There is a secondary survival compass in the handle.

3) Acme Howler Survival Whistle - Tri note, 120 decibel whistle. Very durable, waterproof. Gets people's attention quickly and efficiently.

4) WetFire Tinder Cubes - 2 water proof tinder cubes. Get a fire going in the worst conditions. Will burn on top of water.

5) 15 Foot of Braided Technora - Tougher and lighter than 550 paracord, with a breaking strain of 600lbs. Can be unbraided to retrieve finer threads. Ideal for shelter building and trapping.

 6) Two Milspec 6 hour chemlight sticks - Ideal for area lighting and signalling. Snap and shake to activate.

7) 1 Photon Blast LED Flashlight - Very bright. Visible up to 1 mile away. Squeeze for on, let go for off. There is also a switch for constant on. Great emergency flashlight. Batteries can be replaced.

8) BCB Emergency Survival Blanket - Stay warm. Keep the wind and rain off. Wrap it round your body or use it to make a waterproof shelter. This item can really save your life.

9) AA Grade Survival Compass - Mini survival compass. Stay on course, day or night.

10) Commando Wire Saw - High quality, plaited stainless steel wire saw. With gradual and persistant force, you can get through good sized tree limbs for fire and shelter building. Can also be used for trapping.

11) UST Tick Removal Tool - Sadly, ticks are now a part of many woodlands. The quicker they are removed, the less chance of any infection. Instructions included. Be sure to disinfect the bite wound after removal.

12) Vial of Potassium Permangenate - Multi use item. Fire lighting, water purification, first aid.

13) 10 Water Purification Tablets - Each tablet treats 1 litre of water.

14) 3 Water Storage Bags - Each will hold up to 400 ml. Sealable.

15) 2 Shrink wrapped towels - Will expand upon contact with water to form a small hand towel. Multi use item - hygiene, fire, water filtration and more.

16) Small Screw Top Vial - For medication, small survival items, tinder, micro usb cards or anything else you may find useful.

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