MX3 Vanilla Creme Pudding - Just Add Water!

MX3 Vanilla Creme Pudding - Just Add Water!

  • £3.95

This freeze dried meal for 1 person, is a creamy French vanilla pudding (just like creme Anglaise in a patisserie) and you just simply open the pouch and pour in cold water, up to the fill level, seal the pouch shut with the ziplock seal and wait 3 minutes. These pouches are uniquely designed with a built in tear away top, so you can eat straight from the pouch.

Weight Net : 75g
Energy : 314 kcal

Ingredients : Whole powdered MILK, sugar, modified potato starch, dextrose (wheat), glucose syrup (maize), vanilla flavour, colouring agents: E102-E124.

Protein  5.48g
Carbohydrate  59.25g (of which sugars  35.71g)
Fat  6.08g
Salt  0.29g