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Opinel Carbone Classic

£10.95 GBP

Made in France for over a hundred years, these Opinel knives are elegant, beautifully crafted and very functional. These knives feature a super sharp, carbon steel blade that is very slicy. Importantly, the edge is very easy to maintain. Opinel knives feature a unique, patented, locking system that is very secure and which also allows you to lock the knife in the closed position, for added security in transit.

The Classic range feature a lightly varnished Beech wood handle that is very comfortable to use.

These knives are ideal for gardening, agriculture, bush craft, EDC and more.

The following models are available from the drop down menu:

No. 4 - 5cm blade (A non-locking version!)
No. 6 - 7cm blade
No. 7 - 8cm blade
No. 8 - 8.5cm blade
No. 10 - 10cm blade
No. 12 - 12cm blade

The blades also get slightly thicker as the numbers go up.

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