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NItecore NBM40 Battery Magazine

£8.95 GBP

A compact and protective casing for your lithium batteries, in transit.

Made from a specialist rubberised material, which absorbs impact to protect your batteries from shock and fraying, whilst keeping them neatly organised.

The Nitecore NBM40 is an innovatively designed, multi-purpose battery case. The NBM40 can accommodate four 18650 batteries or alternatively, e-liquid vials and atomisers.

The case has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and features a velcro strap to secure the contents in place or attach to a bag or belt. The Nitecore NBM40 is made from environmentally friendly, vapour-phase gum which is extremely resilient, tear proof and impact absorbing.

  • Weight: 1.57 oz.
  • Size: 1.64" x 1.69" x 3.46"
  • Colour: Yellow or Black