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Survival Fire Lighting Kit by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK

£21.95 GBP

The ultimate fire lighting kit for camping, hunting, bushcraft, hiking, survival and more...

It's purpose is to enable the user to make fire in practically any weather conditions or environment. When having a fire quickly is a survival priority, this is the kit to choose.

Ideal for lighting wood, coal, camping gas stoves, alcohol stoves, hexamine (or similar), natural fibres, grasses and more.

We have sourced premium quality components to form a reliable, waterproof fire lighting system that has an indefinite shelf life, so is always ready to be used, as long as you have it with you. We estimate conservatively, that this kit will light up to 6000 fires, with sufficient preparation.


1) Premium, military grade, genuine Swedish firesteel. A large ferrocerium rod which is rated for 12,000 strikes. Waterproof and reliable ignition source.

2) Super alloy striker. Featuring an ergonomic handle and lanyard hole, this striker is ideal for smooth spark production. Also works as a scraper for the included magnesium tinder rod.

3) Magnesium tinder rod. A waterproof tinder that produces flames up to 3000oC. Hot enough to get even stubborn tinders going. Simply scrape a small pile of shaving with the alloy striker and ignite with sparks from the ferro rod. Enough tinder for hundreds of fires.

4) Wetfire Tinder. Two blocks of premium WetFire tinder. Split a block in half, make some shavings, ignite with sparks from ferro rod. Each block will burn for 10 minutes. Each block is individually packaged.

5) Two, 4 hour mini light sticks. Snap and shake to activate. Enough light to help gather fire lighting materials and to set up a fire structure at night.

6) Tinder tin. A tin full of genuine fatwood shavings, a natural, long burning tinder that smells nice too. Once used up, the tin can be used to make a char cloth.

7) Cotton wool. Natural cotton wool, catches a spark first time every time.

8) High quality Mylar display bag. The tough bag keeps your kit dry and safe and is re sealable via the ziplock design. It can also be used to store additional aquired tinders.


Weight - 79 grams
Dimensions - 11cm x 15cm x 4cm