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Survivor's Pouch PSK by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK

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The ultimate, compact and portable personal survival kit by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK.

The Survivor's Pouch PSK (or personal survival kit) has been designed to save your life in a temperate environment although many of the items included will be usefeul in any environment or terrain.

The kit consists of over 30, cherry picked, essential survival items all of which store very conveniently in the supplied "Belter Belt Pouch" by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK (also available seperately). Along with the adjustable paracord neck lanyard, this means the Survivor's Pouch can be worn or carried in many different ways, convenient for you, whilst all your essential survival items are close to hand, accessable and safe.

The items provided in the kit are known to be reliable and help cover the 7 basics of survival, namely; First Aid, Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, Signalling, Navigation.

Contents of The Survivor's Pouch PSK:

1) Survivir's Pouch with adjustable for size paracord neck/shoulder lanyard. The lanyard is itself useful for many things, including friction fire lighting.

2) Mylar survival blanket - build rooves, shelters, keep dry and warm.

3) 15FT Technora Braided Cord - excellent survival cordage. Very tough.

4) Copper Wire - Make snares and traps. Repair and bind.

5) Fishing Kit - Includes hooks, sinkers and a spool of 8lb test strain line.

6) Opinel Locking Knife - Safe to use, sharp and practical. High quality carbon steel blade. The spine of the blade makes a great firesteel scraper when in the closed position.

7) Fireball Firesteel - Premium quality, military grade firesteel. Rated for up to 12,000 strikes. Waterproof and reliable fire lighting option. Also, had a secondary back up compass in the handle. Always nice to be able to double check.

8) Mini Petrol Lighter - why make things difficult? Unscrew the lid, strike, instant fire. Keeps the fuel for months.

9) SERE Compass - A limited edition military grade brass compass with luminous dial. Accurate and easy to use, this compass will keep you steady in any terrain. Calibrated for the northern hemishpere. Supplied with neck lanyard.

10) Light Sticks - Two premium 6 hour green light sticks. Safe reliable lighting in any conditions. Signal for help, attract attention, mark location or belongings.

11) Photon Blast LED Flashlight - Bright mini flashlight, ideal for signalling (visible up to 1 mile away in good conditions). Also great for map reading and small camp tasks. Batterries are replaceable (uses 2X 2016 batterries).

12) "Howler" Survival Whistle - Tri Note 120dB whistle. Made from durable ABS plastic. Attatched to the lanyard for instant access. Get someone's attention quickly.

13) Commando Wire Saw - Premium grade wire saw. Will get through sizeable boughs with gradual and smooth pressure. Build fires, shelters and traps.

14) Waterproof TInder - Sealed in a waterproof bag. Enough to light several fires. Ignite with flame or sparks.

15) WetFire Tinder - The ultimate, all weather fire lighting blocks. Ignite with flame or sparks.

16) First Aid Kit - Includes - Small bandage, steri strips, plasters, wound cleaning swabs, shrink wrapped towel, pill capsule (for whatever medication you choose) and a scalpel blade.

17) Duck Tape - Multiuse survival item. Great for repairs.

18) SOLAS Marker Panel - Highly retro reflective marker panel. Lights up like a star when hit with torch light. Adhesive backing for various attatchment options.

19) Needles and thread - Keep your clothing and bags functional.

20) 10 Water Purification Tablets - Enough to sterilise 10 litres. Will keep you going when boiling the water is not an option.

21) 4 Breast Milk Bags - Each will hold 400ml of water when sealed. Use half a steri tab per bag. Wait for half an hour before drinking.

22) UST BASE CASE 1.0 - An aluminium, watertight container for small survival items.

23) Canoe Drysack - A waterproof sack for storing the Survivor's Pouch PSK when in transit. The drysack can also be used a flotation device or water carrier.

24) Waterproof Paper and Pencil - Take notes, make maps, leave messages.

The kit is loosely based on the standard issue, British PSK with some modifications and improvements. A kit that can be relied on.

Made in the UK by C.A.P.E. Solutions