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Discontinued - CAPE Triton Fire Tool

£999.95 GBP

Sorry folks you missed your chance. We manufactured this product for 4 years and are now bored of making it!

A compact yet highly effective fire lighting tool.

The Triton Fire Tool consists of two, premium grade (99.99% purity), waterproof magnesium tinder rods and one, genuine, mil-spec, Swedish firesteel, housed in a unique and very tough ABS plastic handle. The firesteel is rated for 12,000 strikes.

We wanted to create an all in one fire lighting package that was easy to use, failsafe and compact. To use, simply scrape a small pile of shavings from one of the tinder rods, gather the shavings into a pile, ignite the pile with the firesteel. Produces an intense flame and heat (approximately 3000oC). Can start hundreds of fires.

The handle itself is highly ergonomic and allows the unit to be laid flat against other equipment (e.g. knife sheath). There is a large lanyard hole, allowing for multiple carry options. Uniquely, the Triton can be mounted with a Tritium marker in the specially designed Tritium hole. We also offer the Triton with a pre-intalled ultra bright green Tritium (glows for up to 25 years). This option can be selected from the drop down menu.

All rods are friction fitted and then secured with epoxy resin for failsafe security.

Supplied with lanyard and striker/mag bar scraper.

Designed and assembled by hand in the UK by C.A.P.E. Solutions.