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CAPE Micro Ton Fire Tool

£11.95 GBP

A lightweight fire starting solution.

When space and weight are at a premium but you still need a reliabe, failsafe ignition source. The Micro Ton features a custom designed ABS plastic handle which houses a premium grade, medium size, genuine Swedish ferrocerium rod which produces 3,000+ degree (c) sparks. Rated for approximately 3,000 strikes. The handle features a large lanyard hole and a super bright glow in the dark tab which glows for up to 24 hours. Perfect for keychain carry. An excellent, high grade, back up tool.

All rods are friction fitted and then secured with epoxy resin for failsafe security.

Designed and assembled by hand in the UK by C.A.P.E. Solutions.

Dimensions - 60mm by 9mm

Weight - 10 grams