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CAPE Utilitarian Wallet

£15.95 GBP

The wallet was designed with every day carry (EDC) in mind. The slimline design makes it ideal for pocket carry as it keeps bulk down. The wallet features a minimalistic no-fuss design, maximising discretion. The main compartment can house a wide variety of EDC type items including pens, small flashlights, small multitools and more. The main compartment features a hook and loop closure system to keep all your items secure.

The card compartment will comfortably hold 5 standard cards plus a few notes or coins. When fully inserted, the cards are completely hidden, keeping your details secure. The card compartment can be used to store other slim/small items if not used for storing cards.

There is a discrete pocket for the smallest of items, hidden behind the hook and loop panel. The hook and loop panel is a generous size and can be used to attach other small items/morale patches.

Entirely hand made in the UK from high grade materials including genuine leather and mil-spec cordura. In other words, built to last.

Folded dimension 7.5cm by 10.8cm.