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CAPE Pocket Organiser Type 4 in Vintage Brown Leather

£16.95 GBP

Introducing the second full leather product in the C.A.P.E. range.

The Type 4 Pocket Organiser is a minimalist pocket carry option to keep your vital every day carry items close to hand, easy to access and protected from dirt and scratches.

The Type 4 was designed to accomodate a wide variety of of compact, every day tools including; pens, flashlights, lighters, memory cards, pen knives, capsules and more.

The Type 4 will definitely fit the following items : Victorinox Alox (4,3,2 and 1 layered), Enzo Slipjoint, Opinel No6, BIC lighter, Muyshondt Aeon MK 3, Bullet Space Pen, Machine Era Mini Field, Klarus MiX6.

The leather, over time, will change and encompass your items, leaving them protected and functioning. Due to popular demand we have sourced some vintage Italian brown leather, for this initial small run.


+ Hand made in the UK
+ Vintage Italian leather
+ Looks good in any environment
+ Protects your valuable tools


- W 75 mm x L 120 mm x H 4 mm