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Wild Camper's Kit Checklist - Article 7

Posted on April 22 2018

Wild Camper's Kit Checklist - Article 7

With the growing popularity of wild camping, many newbies are eager to get out there and have a little wander but what to pack? We have compiled a list of what we would consider to be wild camping essentials.

Two important factors to consider are what type of shelter will you be using and will you be lighting camp fires? The most common type of wilderness shelter is undoubtably the tent and we would argue, with good reason. Other alternatives are the hammock and tarp set up, the bivi bag and tarp set up or the groundsheet and tarp set up. We would argue that tents offer the most versatile and comfortable form of shelter to an average wild camper.

Using fire - There are many restrictions on lighting fires in the UK and in other countries as well. This is particularly the case in arrid areas or during droughts/high summer. You will not always be able to rely on fire as a means of cooking and staying warm so should plan accordingly unless you know lighting fires will not be an issue. Bring clothing to keep you warm in the worst weather you could encounter.

The Wild Camper's Kit Checklist

1)Tent (appropriate for season)
3)Insulating mattress (appropriate for season)
4)Sleeping bag (appropriate for season)
5)Stove and plenty of fuel
6)4 litres of water/day of trip
5)Food and snacks
6)Good back pack to hold everything
7)Reliable head torch with spare batteries
8)Mobile phone
9)Steel/titanium cooking pot
10)Toothbrush,toothpaste,soap,toilet roll,alcohol gel
11)Spare T shirt/socks/pants for sleeping or emergencies
12)30 Foot of strong cordage
13)A whistle, compass, map and signal mirror.
14)First aid kit

If you are palnning to process wood, then:

15)Knife, saw and hatchet.

Don't forget the clothing! It is your first line of defence against the elements!

Stay safe and enjoy exploring.


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