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What is an EDC? - Article 5

Posted on January 05 2018

What is an EDC? - Article 5

The term "EDC" comes from military parlance and stands for "every day carry". That is, items that you carry with you on a daily basis. These items can be functional in nature, or can be survival items, to be used in an emergency. What you carry is entirely up to you and should be catered to your specific needs.

Aside from the usual keys, mobile phone, watch, wallet, cash, e.t.c. other commonly "edc'd" items include:

1) Flashlight - LED driven, reliable and bright. Power cuts, finding keyholes, looking under things. You may need an inspection light as part of your work.
2) Multitool - Varriety of uses. A cyclist may want a bike tool or a computer engineer may use a mini set of drivers. Great for general, running repairs.
3) Knife - Probably the most useful and versatile of all tools.
4) Lighter - Instant fire, light and heat.
5) Ferrocerium rod - Failsafe fire ignition.
6) Handkerchief/Bandana - Mop up spills, filter water, protect wounds.
7) Pen - Take notes, leave messages.
8) Lip Balm - Use as fuel for fire starting, make it into a candle, protect small cuts and of course... keep your lips from cracking.
9) Whistle - Attract help or get someone's attention.
10) Compass - Know which way you are heading day or night, regardless of weather.
11) Capsule - Used to store anything from medication to tinder, sd cards, matches, cash, fish hooks e.t.c.
12) Zero light marker - Powered by glow in the dark or tritium technology. Allows you to find you edc in the dark.

These items are by far the most commonly carried EDC type items, particularly within the enthusiast community. You may find one, none or some of these items useful, depending on what you do on a daily basis. You can never prepare for every eventuality, so prepare for the most likely, would be our advice.

Thanks for reading.

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