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We find that many store bought first aid kits always seem to be lacking in some way. They were either too bulky, badly thought out, under equipped, badly packaged or simply used poor quality components. Especially if you are travelling alone, having that little more security is always a good morale booster and ultimately, could save your life.

The "Solo First Aid Kit" also referred to as the SFAK type 1,by C.A.P.E. Solutions UK, addresses many of these issues. It is supplied in a compact, zip lock, mylar package which is both waterproof and tough and will fit in a cargo or jacket pocket. The bag is clear on one side to help you quickly identify and find the appropriate item. The kit is supplied un sealed so you can add to it to cater for any specific requirements you may have. For packing, you can seal the bag with a standard clothes iron.

Inside each kit you will find a comprehensive set of first aid instructions which deal with a wide range of scenarios from cuts to a non responsive patient. The kit's primary function is to help deal with many of the most common injuries associated with outdoor living.

If you are out practicing primitive living, bushcraft or survival skills and you are using tools and fire, the chances are you will cut, scrape and burn yourself at some stage. Perhaps not life threatening injuries but certainly annoying ones. Having unprotected cuts on the hands can be a source of constant irritation, taking away from the enjoyment of being outdoors. The SFAK type 1 will help deal with cuts (up to 5cm in length), blisters, burns (not severe) and foreign bodies in the eyes (surface only). In other words, this is a solid, level 1 first aid kit. Not bad considering it only weighs 88 grams!

The items included are well thought out, easy to use and are all of good quality with approximately a 5 year shelf life. They are designed to help protect and heal small injuries and to prevent small injuries from turning into more serious problems.

This is an item we would recommend for anyone spending time in the wilds but would also be useful for home, vehicle, edc, survival and camping use.

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